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Many contend that our "Rockwood Village" neighborhood is quite unique among Mississauga's varied local communities - which alone may offer ample reason for its residents to organize as advocates for its preservation and betterment.

After all, together with Fleetwood Village immediately south of Rockwood, we are situated at the sole gateway to Mississauga for an over ten kilometer stretch along its Eastern boundary - from Lakeshore Boulevard on the south to well North of Highway 401 - which provides visitors entering our City with an initial positive impression of a well-kept family-oriented neighborhood. A perception only further enhanced by our expansive green spaces and the adjacent Etobicoke Creek Ravine. Bough Beeches, Rathburn, Fieldgate, Ponytrail, Garnetwood Park, Rockwood Glen Park, and Beechwood Park are all familiar names within our "Rockwood Village"community.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the (RHA) Rockwood Homeowers' Association?

  • The RHA is a voluntary organized advocacy group of Rockwood residents whose purpose is to improve the quality of life in Rockwood.

What benefit does the RHA provide to the neighbourhood.

  • The Homeowners' Association maintains a constant voice to the city of Mississauaga to insure that every possible benefit due to our neighbourhood is made available. See our accomplishments tab and judge for yourself.


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